Hello world!

Myth:  Teachers get three months off of work in the summer.
Reality: Teachers get two months “off” to plan, prep, and shop for the upcoming school year. (In addition most also hold second jobs during the summer.)
This teacher’s summer plans: While I can never leave work completely alone, I am taking myself on a month long adventure for a change this year.

Let’s face it, those that know me, know that I love to teach and love planning and prepping for my class.  In fact, on my trip so far I have already bought highlighters, bulletin board materials, pens, etc… for this Fall’s class. ( It is amazing the deals you can get when you travel out of California!) I have planned my math calendar for the year and want to finish planning the other curricular areas.  My work is never done, but I am thankful for this because I truly love teaching.

How does a month long adventure fit in this summer when I am so busy planning for next year? All I can say is, thank goodness for technology.  I have always wanted to travel during the summer but have never had the opportunity to take any extended trips. The thought of living in and exploring places I have never lived before intrigue’s me.   Now I can continue my planning and prepping while I travel. (I know, I know, some of you are saying I should just forget about school while I travel but remember I said I LOVE TEACHING!)

Celia’s Big Adventure:  My sister Dana thought I should start a blog detailing my trip, thus the name “Celia’s Big Adventure” Thanks for the idea Dana!

I think that “Celia’s Big Adventure”  sounds like a trip filled with amazing “bucket list” items being checked-off or perhaps visiting far away lands.  I hate to break it to you but this is not that sort of trip.  Yes, I will be away and traveling to places I have not been before, but this adventure is more about self-discovery and appreciation for the world around me no matter where I am located. Yes, I will say it out loud, THIS TRIP IS ABOUT ME!

I have been a mother for 21 years. A teacher for 15 years. I have loved every minute of being a mom and a teacher. Both privileges privileges have demanded all of me. This I willingly chose but somewhere along the road I forgot about who I am other than teacher and mother.  You know the age old question, “Who am I and where am I going?” I have been wondering about that a lot lately. Of course my ADD mind does not stop there… I wonder if I like living alone? I wonder which is better, getting a new pet or new boyfriend?   What can I make and sell to make money? Would people even buy something I made?  Oh, look…that sparkles….

Distracted is an understatement.  I was the kid who spent the day in school day dreaming. I will be day dreaming (now as an adult, I call it “thinking”) and honestly contemplating something I think is important and within seconds I realize my mind has changed subjects a few times on me. Let me give you an example: It starts out with me looking and listening to speaker/realize speaker is cousin to childhood best friend/envision childhood friend/recall car trip with best friend/families gathering at the beach on one trip/there were really good hotdogs sold on that beach/getting lost on the beach with best friend/getting sunburned/creating sandcastle/ thinking of techniques to make a sandcastle hold shape….oh, what did the speaker say?

Why do I even bring this up? Remember when I said it was a trip about me? Well, I wonder if the corralling of my inner distractions have often prohibited me from discovering and learning more about myself. I am constantly having to “focus” on the task at hand. Be responsible for the event happening. Focus! Focus! Focus!  So, I said to myself, what if  I took a trip that had no “set” dates to be places, no specific purpose and no scheduled agenda. What if I spent each day doing whatever my mind lead me to do? What if I spent each day enjoying my ever changing thoughts and interests.  Would I learn more about myself, accept myself more for who I am, become more in touch with the creative side I yearn for?

Thus the desire to leave my home, leave town and take time to breath in “distraction” was born.

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