with old friends is always a pleasure.  Yesterday I met my friend Julie for lunch at Roosters, in Ogden, Utah.  (For you Foodies-the food was great by the way!)


Julie and I have been friends since elementary school but have not seen each other since my son was a baby.  Way, too long to not be in touch. Today, I want to encourage everyone to get in touch with an old friend.  Take time to get caught-up and reminisce about the past.  I can truly say I enjoyed our time together and plan on making sure our next get together happens before twenty years go by again.

I was asked if I ever get lonely on this trip that I am taking by myself. I have to admit that it feels a bit strange at times, however, taking time to see friends and family along the way and modern technology have really prevented me from feeling totally lonely. I actually cherish the alone time as much as I cherish the time spent with people I know and love.

I must add that I have been so awed with the friendliness of complete strangers as I travel in Utah.  While driving in search of  photo ops.  I get hand waves from almost everyone I pass.  When at stores, employees are so personable, as if you have known them for years. I love the friendliness and wish everyone everywhere was like this!  I have laughed a bit about the number of locals who have asked me why in the world I came to Logan, Utah on my vacation. I explain but they shake their heads and say that I come from a much more beautiful place.

(For those that missed the first few blogs, I am staying at my friend Pam’s condo so that I can venture out from a home base to take pictures of farmland and to paint.) This is Pam and I with Bear Lake in the Background:



Funny how as human beings we often admire locations we do not live more than where we live.  But that is what makes vacations so great-seeing what we do not normally see or experience.  I ask myself, “Have I forgotten how beautiful of a place I live?”  I think this calls for many weekend trips this year exploring Northern California in a way I have not done before.

So, after having lunch with Julie, I drove up Ogdon Canyon and headed for Morgan, Utah.  I know I take a ton of pictures of farmland but I do love the mountains here as well.  When you travel up one of Utah’s canyons it is like the mountains are surrounding you in a comforting embrace. When you reach the top point of the canyon, the higher valley opens up inviting you to come and explore all the beauty of towns nestled far above the busy cities at the mountain’s base.   Here are a few of the sites to see as you travel along your way to Morgan from Ogden:

(Click on picture to view up-close)

Have a beautiful day everyone!

2 thoughts on “Reconnecting…

  1. Enjoying these pictures so much! Those people in the area have no idea how peaceful their existence appears to be. Looks lovely and quiet to me! xx


    1. It is soooooo quiet. I imagine it would be really nice to sit out on your front porch in the evening out here. 🙂


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