Creative Time

It is raining and I am finding it the perfect day to stay in and play with the photo’s on my computer. I decided to combine my love of photography and painting today on Photoshop.  Even though I love getting messy and painting, I did find some rewarding results that just  may hang in my art room at home.

Here’s a few:

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The picture with the most orange/red is my favorite. Do you have a favorite?

10 thoughts on “Creative Time

  1. I love the picture with the horses in the background. That one is my favorite. I miss you and I am going to see you in Vegas… 🙂


    1. So many people love that pic! I think it is neat how it is framed with trees and bushes.

      Vegas-watch out! We are coming to town!


  2. The first three are my favorites! Hard to say though – each one is lovely. Which do you like best – the untouched photos or when you photo shop (whatever that is – I assume you do something with the picture.) Rain and being cozy inside sounds so nice. xox


    1. Mom, you are so cute! I changed some of my pictures to look like paintings. If you look at these photo’s on this blog post up close you will see that they are not detailed photographs. 🙂


  3. They are beautiful. My favorite is the winding road going down the hill. Thank you so much for sharing your trip nothin word and photo.


      1. I love the road pic. as well! I read somewhere that stockphoto’s of roads are very popluar. I think I will colect a few more and see if I can sell them online.


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