Hitchhikers welcome…

except you little guy!  I found this little guy hitching a ride after my photography adventure today.  Luckily, he knew how to hop right out of the car.  🙂

Today was a bit cloudy so I decided to concentrate on barns and buildings. There were no shadows to worry about so taking pictures of buildings on a hazy day proved productive.  I don’t know what it is about old buildings-perhaps because they probably hold so many stories to tell-but I find them fascinating. I love old worn wood and always have-I am not the new trendy gal just getting into all the old barn wood items that are for sale now. Always looking to make a buck, I have to admit that seeing all the old barn wood lying around sure made it tempting to take and sell back home for a huge profit. People at home would pay a pretty penny for this wood that is just lying around everywhere here.

Here is a great website that tells about the barn history in the counties I have photographed. http://www.bearriverheritage.com/Content/WYSIWYG/barnbook.pdf

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Starbucks is closing so I have to run!  Have a wonderful day and enjoy the pics!

7 thoughts on “Hitchhikers welcome…

  1. Celia,
    I have so enjoyed your big adventure. As I read and scroll where you’ve been, and can only imagine where your heading, makes me think, how happy I am to have you in my life! I love your courageous sense of adventure and your thoughts as you photograph your way thru this amazing adventure!


    1. Ah, thank you Lisa! More to come! I have been having such a wonderful road trip that I may never come home!
      The beauty of our wonderful country has really inspired me!


    1. Miss you too!,I will be home the first week of Aug. Yvonne is meeting me in Vegas and we will drive back together after having a girls trip in Vegas.


    1. I love that one too! The only thing bugging me is the basketball hoop. Does that bother you? I guess it can be photoshoped out but I did not know if I was just being too picky.


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