Do as the Romans did…

and soak in hot springs to release what ails you.  This blog just has to start with the end of my day’s journey.  Where did I end-up? Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. Why? I liked the name of the town.  After a long day of driving and hopping in and out of my car to take pictures, I needed to relax.  (I know, hard life, right?) I saw the name of the town on my GPS and headed there.

Upon entering the town, I saw the most interesting phenomenon. Hundreds of people were madly carrying their inner tubes and plastic boats right through main street and all headed in the same direction.    I followed. (I was curious.) What were they all doing? I soon found out.  They would get in the river at one end of the town and float to the other end of the town.  Then, they would get out and walk one of two paths (recommended on a town map, I found out later) right through town and do it again, over and over again.  While the river floating looked like a fun activity to do with friends and family, if you did not know what they were doing (and a newcomer such as myself) you would have been a bit shocked and might have let out a chuckle or two.

I have to admit, I would love to take my nieces and nephew here to enjoy the fun. If you got sick of walking back up town at the end of your river journey you had the option of going down huge water slides that would put you into an olympic size pool to swim around in.

But I needed to relax. Boy, did I find the perfect spot!  I went to The Sunken Garden at Lava’s World Famous Hot Pools. There were many pools ranging in heat from 112 degrees to 102.  I enjoyed the calm pools and jetted pools.  As luck would have it, there was a massage therapist right on the premises.  I enjoyed a lovely hour-long massage after  enjoying the hot springs.   I would highly recommend that you visit the hot springs and get a massage if you ever come to visit!


So, I need to tell you about the rest of my day but have to admit all that warm water has made me sleepy. I have decided to stay the night in town at the Home Hotel Lava Hot Springs.  My room is equipped with a huge tub that’s water comes straight from the hot spring.  Ahhhhhh,  time to relax some more.  Tomorrow is a busy day of picture-taking.

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