Have you ever been to Paris

and Dingle in one day?  I now, can say I have!   Dingle’s welcome sign states that  it is “The Capitol of the World” while Paris boasts a population of 479!,

Ummm, what can I say about Dingle?  It is very small. There are a few red barns. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, it looks like this:

Paris in the summer, ahhhh.  As you can see by the signs, Paris is older than Dingle even though they are only across Bear Lake from each other.

Just as Paris, France has the Eiffel Tower, Paris, Idaho has the Paris Tabernacle:


The average visitor may not believe their eyes when they hear that all the wood is made out of pine in the tabernacle.

Apparently, the settlers who built this tabernacle thought pine looked cheap, so they hand painted all the wood to look like oak.

                             The reason the ceiling looks like it should be in a ship is because a ship builder made it!                                                                                                        

To get stone to build this building, people would wait for the lake to freeze over in the winter,  then cross the lake,  cut the rock  and then bring cut stones all the way back across the lake.

Side note for my antique lovers out there: There is only one antique store in Paris. Everyone in town agrees that the store is over priced but the owner makes really great pizza.  (It is amazing the things you find out from a tour guide, isn’t it?)

One thought on “Have you ever been to Paris

  1. Hi Celia, once again I enjoyed reading your blog update. Kim and I are in Rocklin scrap booking so I shared your post with her too. Love the pictures. How would you like to be from a town named Dingle? Too funny. Happy Trails!


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