Why I need to return to Idaho…

So, a couple posts back I was to tired (after enjoying a long massage) to tell you much about my trek of the day. So, here it is with a handy map.  Instead of taking the “short” freeway route my GPS gave me to go from Logan, Utah to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, I took this scenic route instead.  I have been trying to find, or sometimes stumbling upon, scenic routes this entire trip.  If you are away from the freeway then you are usually guaranteed something pretty amazing to see and experience.  I drove through Logan Canyon to reach Bear Lake; this is where the map begins. I have to admit that my focus was on taking pictures more than visiting all of these sites, but I was able to visit a few.  (See last few posts) I plan on returning to visit more sites along this route and explore more of Idaho.  (Like Cousin Kim said, I need to visit ” So many great places…Jackson (2 hours beyond Soda Springs), Grand Teton National Park, and Yellowstone (another 2 hours beyond Jackson)”

I just could not pass the Oregon/California Trail Center up-I loved the Oregon Trail computer game as a kid!

Along this route I also saw:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Foodie Alert:  Bear Lake area is known for being the perfect place to grow raspberries!

You can buy fresh raspberries and taste the best raspberry shakes around!


I gobbled mine up so fast I forgot to take a picture of it! 

3 thoughts on “Why I need to return to Idaho…

  1. HI Celia, I have been enjoying your blog, your adventure and your pictures. It occurred to me as I was looking at the beautiful pictures. Why does Celia take pictures of old buildings? Then the thought came to my head, Celia is trying to show that it is beautiful and graceful to be old and alone. That I need to embrace that, honor that in my self rather than fighting it. So my friend that is what I am getting out of your adventure, while I stay at home, working! Who says you can’t get something from looking at another’s vacation photos! Can’t wait till you get back and I can hear what you learn on your adventure!



    1. Dinah, What an interesting interpretation. That is the wonderful thing about art isn’t it? We each can view the same work but take away our own personal interpretations.

      You view the buildings as old and alone, however, I view them quite the opposite.

      old = sturdiness and strength because they are still standing and defying nature
      worn = they are relied upon, respected, loved by family and friends
      They seem alone in my photos but they are not. I am there (taking the picture). You are the viewer (you are now standing with me, sharing the experience of what I see).

      All of which I have just used to describe these buildings I equate with how I felt about my Uncle Bob and my grandfather. Notice how many buildings look over the land just as a father looks over his family. The buildings that have close-ups demand respect, do they not?


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