It is rodeo time in Utah!  Last night I went to my very first rodeo in Ogden, Utah! Yee-haw!

The best part was that my old college roommate, Yana, taught me all that goes on at a rodeo in her lovely English accent! It was priceless! She is truly an expert when it comes to liven the cowboy life!  (See Yana-all those cowboy movies you watched as a little girl in England really paid off!) Here’s Yana and, well, part of me.

             I loved the repeated emphasis on American pride.  American pride in our flag, service members, citizens, etc…

Red, White and Blue!


   Yes, people even jumped out of planes over us!

This is the rodeo clown!  I have to admit he creeped me out!

It was much more fun to watch the strong cowboys!      I loved watching the many competitions that took place!




Now I am wondering if there is a cowboy dating service. (Hey, my daughter-in-law says they are nicer than bikers!)

What other things did this city girl learn?

* Cowgirls like big hair (preferably multi-toned) and make-up is a must

* Cowgirl Style: tight jeans (or shorts), sequined back jean pockets, shiny belts, tight shirts, and cowboy boots

* Cowboys come  as skinny as a french fries or  as big as an oxin

* Real (old) cowboys have really cool long curly mustaches

* The teen cowgirls and boys circle the rodeo stands looking for each other over and over and over and over…

* Charlie Daniels is a country singer (He was at the rodeo.)

* Cowboys are manly men  🙂

* Most important, I learned that you are not supposed to wear flip-flops to a rodeo

Will I go to another rodeo? Heck, ya!

4 thoughts on “Yee-haw!!!!!

  1. These are Awesome 🙂 Also Dirt and flip Flops Never mix well….well unless you are at the beach. I stick by what I said earlier, Cowboys are Nicer than bikers. You just have to try finding one without some chew in his mouth.


  2. Excellent photos Celia. You really captured the moment! Rodeos can be a lot of fun. Went on several during my mission and also the California State Rodeo in Salinas.


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