Rain, thunder and lightning…

could not stop Adam and I from visiting the Grand Canyon! Angelina had to work , 😦  so Adam and I set out on a trek of our own.  Adam volunteered to be our designated driver of the day. (Little did I know that I was soon to find out that he wanted to test my car’s turbo engine. 🙂 ) The Grand Canyon is only a short hour and 1/2 from Flagstaff, AZ.  It was a fast ride there.

Adam and I were both very excited to see the Grand Canyon for the first time, so the first thing we did was to stop at one of the look-out points. I think we both let out our “wow” at the same time after looking over the edge of the railing. But then suddenly there was a huge thunderous roar from the sky.  It began to rain! All the tourists ran for their cars!  Once in our car, we decided that since we could not see anything we would go to the visiting center.

Now, imagine this site:  We park, we get out (me in my flip-flops), we make a mad dash across two parking lots for the visitor’s center. Now, also imagine this with loud thunder in the back ground and enough water coming down on us  like we were standing under a waterfall the entire way to the visitor’s center. This was us! Needless to say, we were soaked to the bone.  (This is where I need to put in a hair disclaimer: When you look at the pictures, please remember that my hair is soaking wet and in no way reflects how I styled it that morning. )

We dried off while watching a lovely movie about the Grand Canyon in the visitor center. When we came out of the theater the sun was shining (kinda) once again.  We followed the herded crowd to each beautiful observation point.  After seeing 2 of the 6 points, I overheard two sisters say:

Sister 1: “Why does dad have to visit each observation point? If you see 1 that should do it!

Sister 2: “I just want to go buy treats.”

Can you guess what age the kids were? Yep, you guessed it,  teenagers. The moment made me appreciate and feel so grateful that I could spend the day observing one of the most amazing sites in the world with my son who was feeling the same way I was about the Grand Canyon. So, to all those parents of teens out there, they do grow-up and become much more appreciative of the world around them! Just wait until after they turn 21.

Adam and I spent the rest of our day stopping at all the observation points we could fit in before leaving for home. Yes, it was a rainy and cloudy day, but we could not have enjoyed it more. I have to admit that my pics, tho not the clear bright pictures of the Grand Canyon I am used too, turned-out ok. In fact, I kind of like the eerie affect some of them seem to have because of the low cloud cover. What do you think?

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