A son leads the way…

If you think I like back roads you have not seen anything yet until Adam takes you out to places most cars can’t go. Adam takes my love of back roads to a new level (at least for me).

We ditched my car and drove Adam’s huge truck for this adventure.  We drove to Sedona. We bypassed all the tourist shops and headed straight for a dirt road on one side  of the town. Here is a picture of the dirt road we were on:

We drove on this road quite a while, passing hikers along the way.  This dirt road had a few areas to stop and hiking trails so we stopped at the first one that interested us. We chose a hike that would bring us to a beautiful arch.  Here is what we saw on our hike:  (Click on picture see enlarged slide show.)

Now I am not saying this just because I am  his mother but –Adam is the best tour guide ever!!!!!!!!  Adam told me so much about the area. It was great! Most importantly, he knew how to protect his Mama.  After arriving to the top of the arch, Adam informed me that we would need to quickly hike back to the truck. To be honest, I thought he was being paranoid because he was claiming we were going to be hit with a storm and all I saw were a few clouds to the left of us and to the right of us. No big deal, I thought. Boy, was I wrong!  Adam has studied the weather patterns in the area and informed me that soon it would rain and it would not be safe for us to be hiking. By the time we reached the truck, the clouds had closed over us. Within minutes, we heard thunder and saw lightning. Then the fun really began as we drove along our dirt road headed back to the paved road.  It started to rain-rain hard (buckets), hail and the lightning was suddenly erupting very close to us. It was exciting!

Adam skillfully maneuvered his truck across the rocks and mud to get us back to the middle of town, which by the way, was flooded. There were orange rivers running across the roads.  I was so shocked by this sight that I forgot to take pictures!  Sorry!

As we drove back to Flagstaff, the sun appeared once again and it stopped raining. It had been an exciting perfect day!

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