What happens in Vegas…

stays in Vegas.  Ok, so I am not your average high rolling wild gal who visits Vegas. (Even if I did win a total of $230. while here. Yay for me!)

One of my all time favorite things to do in Vegas is to visit my friend Ellen.  We are old college roommates. Here is Ellen with her family:

Ellen always amazes me with her artistic skills but most of all she is really a fabulous mom. It was fun seeing her girls, Penelope and Olympia after so many years!

Ellen teaches art classes so we had so much fun sharing ideas!  I am now buzzing with lessons for my afterschool art class this school year! I wish I could teach art full-time! If only they would hire a credentialed teacher to teach elementary art!

Art Alert: The Bellagio in Las Vegas always seems to have a wonderful art exhibit no matter what time of year you visit! Don’t miss out!

We visited a wonderful Impressionist exhibit at the Bellagio. This was a real treat for me because I was able to see my favorite Artist’s work. (Monet)  I am the type of visitor you see standing far away from a painting and then moving-up as close as a couple of inches studying the brush strokes and colors. Oh, yes, I have also been known to tilt my head and sometimes my whole body to fully analyze what I am looking at. I had forgotten how much pink Monet used in many paintings. Many paintings have pink mixed-in or layered with the greys, blues and whites.  Even though I have not painted as much as I thought I would on this trip, I feel like I walked away with ideas to use in my own paintings in the future.  My plan is to make more time to paint once I am home.  I feel inspired to combine my love of photography, painting and technology (Photoshop) and see what happens.

So, what is better than one friend? Two friends! My BFF flew into Vegas to play for a few days and drive home with me.  Here is Yvonne, my amazing dare-devil, about to jump off the Stratosphere tower:

She never did get this guy’s number for me.  Bummer!

Best view in town? The Eiffel Tower!  Worth the wait and the money!  Once you reach the observation deck you can see all the city lights and watch the Bellagio water show like a bird high in the sky! Here are a few pics of what I saw:

The night lights are what makes Las Vegas beautiful. I love the bright colorful lights!  (To my fellow ADD friends and family, “Ooooh, shiny!” )

Day time? I have to admit that I do not think I could ever live here because of the lack of green living plants and trees! Hot, can you say, “hot?” Fun to visit but not to stay I am afraid.  (Sorry friends and relatives that live here. But now you know I truly come to see you and not just the city you live in. 🙂 )

So, Yvonne and I did as the tourist’s do, we walked the Strip quickly avoiding the guys flapping the cards. (Do I even have to mention what are on those cards?)

So, believe it or not, a teacher can find work related inspiration even on the Las Vegas Strip.  (And, no, this has nothing to do with what was on those cards.)

I just had to drop by the M & M shop to pick-up Halloween costumes for my grade level. Can you guess what we are going to be?

Gambling Strategy:  Send your friends away in order to win money.  First $110. was won when Yvonne went to listen to a band play at a casino. (Took about 10 minutes to win.)  Then my second win ($120.) was made while Yvonne went to the restroom. (Took about 3 minutes to win.) Both wins were made on Wheel of Fortune machines.

Foodie Alert: High prices abound in Vegas.  It is best to eat in Henderson (which is near the strip) If you do have to eat on the strip, then the best place to go is the Grand Lux Cafe at the Venetian.  The prices are not as high as other places on the strip. Thanks for the recommendation mom!!!!!!  You were right, the pulled pork was awesome and I had a wonderful chopped salad! Yum!

So, if you can’t tell already, I AM TIRED!  (Don’t wear new shoes like I did if you plan to walk the Strip.) Sometimes the blog that was not supposed to sound like a “travel blog” sounds just like a travel blog. This just means I have been very busy lately. (Since Utah to be exact!)  It is time to slow down and be more reflective. Isn’t that how I started this “Big Adventure” anyway?”

So, my next blog may be about the trip home but then it will be time to reflect on what I have learned this trip. Until next time…

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