It is summer time again!  Don’t hate me because I am a teacher and have “two” months off!  The first three days of vacation were spent sleeping in and having three hour naps.  Yes, teachers need recovery time if you want us to return to school happy, excited and ready for the new school year. I was talking to a stranger the other day ( Yes, I talk to random strangers.)  and he said, “Teachers are so lucky that they get paid to have two months vacation.”  Let’s clear-up that misconception.  Teachers have a portion of their salary taken out of their monthly paycheck and deposited into what is called a “Summer Fund.”  As a result, we have some money to live off during the summer because we are not paid until the end of September after we have been in school teaching for over a month and spent hundreds (some thousands) of our own money to make sure our classrooms and new students have all the supplies needed to start the school year off right. Misconception cleared?

Summer blog time: Many of my friends have swim meets to attend this summer and have said they love reading this travel blog as a way of an escape. I know those feelings all too well after having spent summer after summer cheering my son on at swim meets and water polo tournaments. Last summer was the first summer to spread my wings and explore new places. (Yes, I am officially and empty nester! ) For those that are new to my blog, feel free to read previous posts from last year. Basically, my summer goal is to travel to new places and take lots of pictures. I bring these pictures home and use many for my artwork. (I know, I know, what art work, right?) I blog my travels but be warned that this is not a “travel” guide so to speak. It is just my thoughts and observations on a whim.  Oh, and about the art work, my art students have requested that I make a website to show my work. My goal is to work on it this summer and shyly present it to the world. I’ll let you know when it is completed.

Let the summer begin and let’s take lots of adventures together …

4 thoughts on “SCHOOL’S OUT!

  1. Celia, you need to email this to Aunt Virginia.  Do you?  She would love it.  She doesn’t do Facebook anymore but Art could read her your email.  xx



  2. So glad you are on the road and taking us with you (via your blog). Can’t wait for pictures and the stories! Thanks for blogging again!


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