Oregon or Bust!


Thelma and Louise are at it again…aka…Celia and her BFF, Yvonne Hyatt. Have you ever had a friend that you can talk and laugh with for hours on end and never tire of their friendship? Well, Yvonne and I have been friends for over 21 years and still make each other laugh those belly ache laughs that just won’t quit.
My first trip this summer is up the Oregon Coast. Yes, away from the farmland of last summer and keeping it coastal this year. (Don’t be surprised if I can’t resist taking a picture of an old barn or two along the way however.) Yvonne and I took off in a car packed to the brim with camping gear. Of course, I we had the trusty essentials in the front seat: GPS, Pandora and homemade granola. It was Oregon or Bust!

But then…things distracted us along the way. First, we just had to stop at Pour Girls Coffee. Great little country coffee shop owned by some sisters. Then, because I am often confused half the time, we had to stop at Confusion Hill. (Don’t ask-just someone trying to make a buck.) No need to stop at if you are traveling up Highway 101.

BUT DON’T MISS THE REDWOODS! Yvonne and I stopped and with my trusty hiking shoes, we walked a little trail while surrounded by these great giants. (What? You don’t hike in flip-flops?)

This was a great spot to have lunch, and a healthy one at that. YUM, Mango Salsa Chicken Salad! It really was like having a “fiesta” in my mouth. Thanks Yvonne!

Back on the road again and low and behold we were going over a hill and came across the most beautiful site! Clam Beach! We just had to stop and roll around in the sand for a while. The sand dunes were so amazing that you could hide between them.

But we were on a schedule, or so we thought, so we only stayed for a short visit. Elk, did I mention you have to watch for elk along 101? As you get closer to Oregon you definitely hit Elk Country. Yvonne yelled, “ELK!” and I pulled over to a lovely area that consisted of a drift wood carving store, campground area, an old schoolhouse with an old fire truck in front of it, someone selling hot dogs and of course, elk. Yes, elk lounging around looking like they were waiting for someone to feed them one of those hot dogs.

A few pictures here and there and we were off to experience a tall tale. It was at the Trees of Mystery that I got to visit my old friend Paul, yes, Paul Bunyan and his beloved ox Babe. It was great to see and talk to him. Yes, I said talk to him. It is easy to confuse the statue verses the real Paul sometimes but don’t be fooled. There Yvonne and I were just casually taking pictures reminiscing Paul’s great Tall Tale. I commented that Paul sure had a hairy chest and to my surprise he assured me (loudly) that it was ok because the hair kept him warm at night.
(Ok, this is where I just have to say, “Wouldn’t that be an awesome summer job?”)



Camping, camping comes in many forms. Before my forties, I would scowl at the wimps not roughing it. A tent and only a tent meant you were camping. Bathroom and shower? Those were for softies!

Then I hit the forties, ok I’ll admit I am forty-six. Yikes, that is hard to say. You know you are getting old when your birthday rolls around and you think you are turning the age your were last year. Sadly, that is exactly what I experienced this past May.

Anyway, imagine you are hearing angels sing from the heavens now. Ok, that is what I heard when we drove-up to our cabin at the KOA campground. You can see by the pics how cute it was. I know, that is a girlie thing to say, but seriously, it had hanging flowers and a swing on the porch! Cabins had nice beds, WIFI and electricity-need I say more? Oh yes, I have never been in a cleaner bathroom and shower facility in my life. It was perfect!

We were “home”.

4 thoughts on “Oregon or Bust!

  1. Wow, what fun this all sounds. Makes me want to take a road trip!! Have a wonderful adventure and thanks for blogging and making it seem like we are all there vicariously! Your son and daughter in law had dinner at my place tonight. We all had a good time and Alex heads for drill tomorrow at 0 dark thirty. See you at the next post!


  2. OK, where was that great campsite. I want to go! Give me the town. How far away is it? You are a funny and good write, Celia.


    1. This one is the Bandon / Port Orford KOA.
      It is on 46612 Highway 101 South in Langlois, OR 97450
      It took us a little over 8 hours to get here. A little longer cuz we stopped
      along the way. 🙂


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