Making the experience all yours…

How do you rate your camp food dinning?
1. Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (You go out and don’t cook.)
2. Stick Food (Anything you can put on a stick and put over the fire.)
3. Foil Dinner Surprise (Meat, veggies, etc., Basically, anything you brought in the cooler.)
4. Gourmet Chow (Must be traveling with a connoisseur of food and drink who knows how to combine the newest cooking trends and the old west cooking traditions.)

Growing-up I experienced a wide range of camping food experiences. It all depended on who I was with. With dear old dad, it was a combination Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and good ol Stick Food. Nothin tasted better than the hot dog I had carefully held over the fire until it was twice the original size and looked like it had a second-degree burn. Yum!

Now, camping with my mom was a whole different experience. She introduced me to foil dinners, which I can now proudly say I can make pretty darn well thanks to her. Better yet, she is the “connoisseur” every camper needs if they want Gourmet Chow. Peach cobbler anyone?

So how do Yvonne and I rate our camp food? We definitely are combining our camp food preferences for a well-rounded camping food experience. Yvonne makes a mean s’more! Yvonne’s mallow should be burned in fire verses the golden brown technique. Burning the mallow makes it crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. (What is your favorite mallow cooking technique?) Whether you call it Sum Mores or Shmores-it is a delicious treat by the fire!

So, those of you who know me know I love researching stuff on the Internet. Yes, I’ll admit, I am a Netnerd. Before we even took off for our trip I researched foil dinner recipes and created a list of favorites for Yvonne and I to choose from. My favorite so far has been the ground bison, potato, carrot, peas, mushroom soup dinner. Yum!

While researching I discovered a no mess breakfast. (I hate cleaning pots and pans camping as much as I hate doing dishes at home.) I love protein in the morning since I was diagnosed a celiac. This recipe is perfect for my needs and anyone who likes to start their morning off with a little protein. I call this recipe “Eggs in a Bag.” (I know, so original.) So all you do is put two eggs in a plastic baggie. (Thus the name “Eggs in a Bag.”) Squish bag. Add anything else you like. I added hash browns, cooked turkey bacon and cheddar cheese. Squish bag. Put in boiling water for about 20 minutes. Stir. Boil 5 more minutes. Eat. (Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Yvonne thought I was being a weirdo until she tried it. She gives this recipe a thumbs-up now. ) No burnt eggs and the best part is that cleanup is throwing away the plastic bag. Can it get any better?

After a healthy breakfast it was time to hit the road! SCREEEEEEEECCCCHHHHH! Not before we stopped at the Human Bean Coffee place. Since arriving in Oregon we have noticed that instead of Starbucks on every corner that there are numerous themed coffee huts along the way. In fact, if you are looking for a blog idea, you could start at the Oregon/California 101 border and travel all the way up to the Oregon/Washington 101 border critiquing these fine establishments. Each one seems to have a different theme and some unique names. So what was so special about the Human Bean Coffee? Mexi Mocha! It tasted like hot Mexican chocolate. After establishing that we weren’t “creepers” as the coffee house girls put it, they willingly posed for this blog pic. (Apparently, strange men (aka “creepers”) taking photos of them has been a problem.) So, if you decide to create this Oregon coffee house blog it would be best to show identification and ask permission before taking photos.

Today’s plans took us to the Charleston Parks. Well, actually the goal was to try and find this garden. Oregon seems like a gardener’s paradise so I thought it would be a great opportunity to take some flower photo’s for note cards. We never found it but perhaps these photos will give you a good idea how beautiful plants can look with a lot of rain.






So how did we get to the Charleston Parks right beyond Coos Bay? Well, GPS of course. I ignored the detailed notes Yvonne got from the campsite lady. This is probably why we never found the garden but I swear we ended-up in the same place she described.

I am so used to flat soft sandy beaches at home. Today’s journey brought me to the rugged coast where forest meets ocean with only rocks to protect them from the fierce waves.

Every so often, the ocean shows mercy by leaving a small calm inlet between enormous rocks that tower on either side. These huge rocks appear to be two guards protecting a hidden treasure.

Next, we visited our sea fairing friends. As we exited the car, they loudly greeted us. (Ok, maybe it wasn’t for us but it sure felt good to hear such a loud welcome.) We were lucky to pull up to a spot with docents that had set-up telescopes to see the Northern Elephant Seals, Harbor Seals, Steller Sea Lions, and California Sea Lions.

Oregon is known for its lighthouses. On the way back to the campsite we stopped at the lovely small Coquille River Lighthouse.

This lighthouse sat next to a long sandy shore. There was no need to press play to start the cd of the ocean sounds with the background foghorn; it was already playing. It did not take long to fall asleep on those sandy shores for a short summer nap. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

One thought on “Making the experience all yours…

  1. Loved your post and also talking to you tonight! Sleep tight and have a good time tomorrow!
    Love you – be safe.


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