Who could resist….

A cute furry little baby even if it does spend it’s life in a cage.
I really have a hard time visiting places that have animals in cages. I really feel bad for them. However, put a sign-up that says you can hold a baby bear, how could I resist?

Yvonne and I visited the West Coast Game Park petting zoo. Many of the animals had been rescued (which made me feel better), but still some are being bred there as well. I decided that this would be a great opportunity to take some pics of animals that my students may study during the school year. I figure what better attention grabber at the beginning of a lesson than showing yourself petting a bear, right?

We really lucked out the morning we saw the animals. The weather was cloudy but not rainy. It was the perfect day to travel to our next kampin Kabin. (I am getting in the KOA campground mode and making all my c’s be k’s now.) Our next site was only a few hours away. Highway 101 takes you along tree hugging roads to cliffs next to the ocean. The views are amazing.

We arrived at our next KOA in Lincoln. It was ok. The bathrooms were not as clean as the first KOA and the room a bit dusty. Boy, did I sneeze a ton. Anyway, by this time it was raining. We expected this on this trip due to the early timing in the season. We felt a bit timid about going hiking in the weather so what do these California girls do best? Shop!

Antiques here we come! Or so we thought… they were more like over priced garage sales taking place in buildings. Oh, well. The highlight of the day was visiting a glass blowing studio and ceramics shop. Both had unique items. Lincoln has beautiful beaches and hike possibilities, however the weather really affected these plans.

After very little thought, we decided that staying four days in Lincoln was too long and changed our next two camp nights to a KOA 2 ½ hours up the road.

2 thoughts on “Who could resist….

  1. Sounds like you are having a great adventure. Wow, petting a real bear. That’s something you don’t do every day! Your kids are going to love that one… Love that you are so spur of the moment in your plans. Makes for a more lively and fun journey. Can’t wait to hear what happens next!


  2. Trying to decide how I could use a wonderful animal picture in my house! Have yourselves a good time, ladies. xox


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