Astoria, Oregon

Astoria is a cute little town with a few shops to visit on main street. A few movies have been filmed there (Kindergarten Cop, to mention just one) Here, in Astoria, I found my dream shop. Seriously, it is called Vintage Hardware at the Astor Hotel. I love looking at salvage materials from old homes, antiques, art, and incredibly old architecture. This shop had all this inside one big old hotel. Here are a few pics from the internet:

One of our KOA staffers suggested that we go to Astoria’s Column. The Astoria Column has served for over 80 years as a beacon on the Pacific Northwest Coast. It sits in a wooded area 600 feet above sea level on Coxcomb Hill, Astoria, Oregon’s highest point. To be honest, not knowing anything about it, we thought it was strange to be going to see what looked like a big poll. Many may pass this up thinking the same thing we did, but don’t. You arrive at the top of the hill to what is an amazing view. I would have taken pics of it except it was raining. The Column is not just a poll but instead a work of art that is a summary of triumphs, conflicts and turning points of the frontier. It is beautifully crafted. You can even go inside of it and climb to the top.

One thought on “Astoria, Oregon

  1. Wow, interesting photos Celia! I’ve always wanted to do a drive up the coast and this definitely is putting it higher on my bucket list! Have a great time and thanks for sharing your journey with us!


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