Farewell Oregon

The last KOA we were staying at had a beach just down the road. On it was part of a ship that had gone aground when the captain offered his crew bonuses if they could make it to Portland 5 days early. (Guess that crew never got their bonuses.) While most of the ship was dismantled for parts, the front was left for people view a bit of history.

Oregon-A trip worth taking! Here are a few parting pics I took. I hope you visit this amazing place.

I left Oregon with a few things learned:

* Oregon leaves curly hair soft and not frizzy. The soft water here is a curly haired girl’s dream come true.

* If you think Duck and Beaver decals for your home might be the next big trend, “you might be a redneck.”

* Highway 101 is safer than Interstate 5 (Saw many near misses on 5)

* KOA’s Kampgrounds are great but read the reviews first because they are individually owned.

* Scheduling a nice hotel after camping (or what we called “glamping,” glamour camping) for six days was a smart thing to do.

* Oregon beaches seem to stretch forever. You do not see many people this time of year exploring the beaches, however, don’t be surprised if you see a truck.

* Beachside homes are way cheaper than in California. You could get a nice place for 2 million verses the 8 million range on the sea shore. Definitely a good place to think about retiring. If not by the sea shore here is another option:


Next stop, Yosemite..see you soon!

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