A quick trip…

to the mountains.

My mom wanted to take a trip up to Yosemite so of course I agreed that we should go right away. 🙂

Look familiar?

We decided to go up, up, up along Highway 120. We stuck to the upper ridge above the valley floor on the Tioga Pass.

We visited Mono Lake. If you ever go to Mono Lake, you must visit Whoa Nellie Deli! Be sure not to drive past the Mobil gas station or you’ve missed it. This lovely yummy gem is inside the gas station! The food is delish and you get to eat it outside looking at the beautiful Mono Lake and listening to a local band.

Mono Lake View:

We visited the Tufa along Mono Lake just in time for sunset. The word Tufa may sound like a name out of a Dr. Seuss book but these beautiful looking sculptures are formed from alkaline waters, supersaturated with calcite.

We stayed at a motel in Lee Vining…won’t give mention of motel here due to no air conditioner in the middle of summer….lol I will give mention to the attached coffee shop, Latte Da Cafe, because they had my two favorite things, baked gluten free items and organic coffee. Yum! It was a great start to start our adventure to the Bodie ghost town!

Only an eighth of the town remains but the rangers there are doing a great job conserving the past. I can’t imagine how incredibly difficult it must have been to live there during it’s violent heyday. A murder a day and -30 degrees in the winter was no place for families, yet young children did live and go to school here right beside the miners.

As I end this post, here are a few pics of what those brave souls saw during the summer.




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