A bit of purple anyone?

IMG_2873I love it when friends share a place that is a must to visit. Mt. Shasta Lavender Farm is one of those must sees. While visiting my friend Merriell and her family in Redding, CA, she suggested that we go check this place out. I have to admit, I really admire the owners who saw a piece of rocky land and envisioned a beautiful lavender farm with spectacular views. The realistate agents warned them not to do it but they bought this rocky dry land and made their dream happen with what must have been a tremendous amount of work.

After visiting the Lavender Farm Merriell and I decided to explore a little valley that runs along the other side of Interstate 5. We entered this Valley in Yreka. Nestled between the mountain sides were lovely farms and, of course my favorite, beautiful old barns. We thought this would be a lovely way return back to Redding. With GPS not working we went along our way.

We found really cute small town called Entel and had lunch. I am sure we stuck out as tourists becuase everyone looked like local country folk. I should have gotten a clue that this place was jinxed however. I had a photographers worst nightmare, I dropped my camera straight down on the lense as I was getting out of the car. Luckily, I had a protective filter cover, which shattered, but saved the lens. It is far easier on the pocketbook to replace a filter cover than the entire lens. My advice to you, if you do not have one on your camera, get one! Seriously, a new lense would have cost well over $900 and this only cost 19.99 to replace. 🙂 Better that the filter looked like this than my lens:

Soon were are one our way again when…

“Kaboom,” is what I heard as we were quietly admiring the scenery around us. I quickly pulled over to discover a smoking tire that had 3/4ths of the tire ripped open. Then I recalled Merriell saying last night, “Don’t you ever worry about getting a flat tire when you travel those back roads?” Ahhhh, little had I known at the time she had jinxed us! Just kidding…actually I found myself lucky to have had good company and a cute AAA guy come change out the tire for us. OK, ok, I know what your thinking. Doesn’t Celia know how to change a tire? The answer is yes, but that is why I pay good money to AAA. I figure they can do it for me.

We made it back to Redding only to find out that stores were closing and the stores open on Sunday do not carry my size tire. Note to self: When buying a new tire, buy two. I will now always carry a full size tire in my care instead of the spare. This experience canceled my plans to go back up to Oregon to explore the farmland up there for now. However, I do get to enjoy seeing my friends a bit longer. 🙂

3 thoughts on “A bit of purple anyone?

  1. Yes, it was an adventure! Beautiful scenery, great company and just a little bad luck. It was so nice to get a personal tour of this part ofNorthern California. Just look at these pictures! thank you Celia for taking me. It was so great to catch up with you. Looking forward to our next one! Merriell


  2. Wow, loved that lavender farm! We have to go back some day as I like anything that has a lavender scent! Sorry about your tire, but glad you were able to get it fixed. My niece lives in Redding. Wish I had known. So happy you didn’t break your camera lense. That would have not been good. I got a ticket for not using my hands free on Sunday on Hwy 80. Ugh, be sure to use yours! Mine was in my purse behind me so would have been hard to get to. Wouldn’t you know. Anyway, love your blog and look forward t the next post!


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