Beach Retreat

You may have noticed that I disappeared for a few days from my blog. Not because the travels do not continue but this traveler’s home base is currently in Cayucos, California. It is a small beach town nestled between Morro Bay and Cambria along Highway 1. I don’t know why, nor wish to understand, but when I arrived at the beach and breathed deep the ocean air, I fell into a meditative state with no wish to return.

I’ve rented a home for 3 weeks, which is a long stay for this summer traveler. The photo opportunities abound here. I can take pictures of all my favorite places, from the farms to the beaches.

* Click on photo’s to view larger versions.

I’ve known this coastline for most of my life but each time I come the new is intertwining with the familiar beaches and older homes and businesses. My great Aunt Dot and Uncle Bob owned a home in Cambria long ago. My fond memories include everything from Hearst Castle, beach combing, yummy olallieberry pie, and Uncle Bob patiently driving my mom, my sisters and I to each antique store and then greeting us with pastries between shops. Good memories…

Lying in bed my first night, I listened to the crashing of the waves, barking sea lions in the distance along with the soft ringing of a wind chime next door. I cannot think of a better way to fall asleep.

My favorite thing to do on the beach as a little girl was to wake up early and collect shells. Each shell being a little treasure. (Perhaps this explains my love for garage sales as well. I used to tell my son, when he was little, that we were hunting for treasures.) Along the Morro Bay Beach is a lovely section I call “Sand Dollar Beach.”  Each morning the beach has sand dollars scattered everywhere. Knowing these are such a wonderful little treasure, I have been collecting one for each of my third grade students for when school starts in the Fall. Each one of my students are a little treasure just like these sand dollars. I want them to know this as they start the new school year.

Speaking of students, they are the reason I decided to rent a beach house for three weeks. My after school art students have requested that I create a website and sell my art. They wonder why I am not already selling my art. I do not want to tell them that my self confidence in my art is low and fear holds me back. I would never want them to feel fear in expressing themselves and showing the world their creations. I am constantly repeating to them that their art is unique and that they should not hesitate to be proud to show everyone their art. There are “no mistakes in art,” “we each have our own unique style,” etc…

Realizing I am all talk and not action, I have decided it is time to get over my fear and think of my art journey really as an opportunity to share what I have seen during my travels and share my impressions of those moments I have captured in time. I have set-up my art table overlooking the ocean and am now spending time combining my love of photography, painting, and sketching with colored watercolor pencils. My hope is to create a website for others to enjoy, but most importantly, to be a role model to my students to not fear putting your art out there.

Here is a piece I am going to continue to work on today:


A big thanks to Mary Ann Pickett for mentioning my blog in her blog!  Mary Anne is a very talented interior designer who is fun to know and work with! Read her latest blog about how she helped my sister decorate her home at

2 thoughts on “Beach Retreat

  1. I host a weekly link party called “Oh, the PLACES I’ve been!” and would love to have you link. The link opens on Thursday evenings at 7 PM EST. Hope to see you then.

    – The Tablescaper


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