Impressions of Avila Beach

My name is Celia Argabright, I write, I travel and I am hungry for more…  Sound familiar?  I don’t know why but I keep having the Anthony Bourdain intro. repeating in my mind this morning.  The only difference (besides funds for traveling) is that he explores the art of cuisine and I search for inspiring subjects to capture in photographs and paintings.  What do we have in common?  In each of our own ways, we strive  to connect to the places we explore and share our experiences.

Avila Stores web

Each year my sister, Dana, and her family and friends escape to Avila Beach, California.  This week was my lucky week because my sister Dana is staying with me at the beach house I rented in Cayucos, CA.  I was eager to see one of her favorite family vacation spots so we set off on an excursion to Avila Beach.

We packed our beach essentials: water, towels, beach chairs, our scrabble game and we were off!  It was an easy drive from Highway 1 to Highway 101 and then off to Avila Beach.

The first thing I noticed was that there was plenty of cute places to rent while staying here. The main street lines the upper section of the beach like a beach boardwalk of sorts. It is full of shops, restaurants and goodies galore.

Dana and I headed straight for the beach, found the perfect spot and set-up the Scrabble game. Yes, confession time is in order, there is no denying that we are Scrabble nerds.  However, while cute kids were playing in the sand around us, I did overhear a woman say that she and her friend had just been playing scrabble on the beach as well as she passed us.  Confirmation that we are not so nerdy after all perhaps? (My sister Cathy, who “does not do games,”  is probably shaking her head at me right now.)

After a glorious afternoon of being completely demolished in 2 games of Scrabble by my sister, I realized that this fair skinned gal forgot the sunscreen as part of her essentials. It was time to move on but we did not need to go far. We went to  Custom House  and enjoyed sharing a huge plate of nachos. Yum! I enjoyed a nice refreshing diet coke with lemon while my sister enjoyed what she calls her “Happy Mama” drink.  It is made with blueberry Stoli, Sprite, orange juice and a splash of grenadine.  Both perfect seaside drinks depending on your preference.

We ended the day trip by walking the beautiful Avila Pier observing true happiness in everyone’s faces as they enjoyed the seaside.

Avila Pier web

Today’s photo’s are my  impressions of Avila Beach.  Yes, I am still taking the pictures but I sometimes I feel a painting conveys more emotional feelings and/or connections.  I have a strong emotional connection to all beaches.  It is what they represent to me: family, friends, good times.  When I arrive at a beach, I am flooded with childhood memories of playing in the sand and water with cousins, siblings and friends. I could go on and on about the memories of building sandcastles, body surfing in the waves, collecting shells in the early hours of the morning and bonfires on the beach at night.   A beach equals freedom and relaxation; the perfect vacation in my book.

So today, I am presenting some pictures I took, manipulated with photoshop and later will be printing and painting on. For those of you new to my Travel/Art blog, I am currently experimenting with combining all my artistic hobbies (technology, photography, acrylic painting, water color pencils, and ink drawings-can you tell I am ADD?). My hope is that you will feel the same emotional connection to the beach  I have as you view these pictures.

Faily Beach web

Love at Avila web

Busy Beach web

Perhaps, these will inspire you to gather your family and friends and make your own wonderful memories at the beach as well. I hope you will!  Avila Beach would be a perfect place to make those memories happen.

If you enjoy reading about places people travel to, after 7:00 pm on the 25th, check-out: Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 5.11.54 PM

5 thoughts on “Impressions of Avila Beach

  1. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to that beach, what a nice way to enjoy the day outdoors.
    I’m inviting you to also link up to my Travel Photo Mondays carnival, it runs all wee and starts on Monday.


  2. ah…you make me want to be at the beach playing scrabble with you and Dana! This weekend my sister in law and great nephew are coming over to see the City. We then have a wedding on Saturday night and then head back up to Colfax. How long are you planning to be there? How long does it take to drive there? Can you tell, I’m trying to figure out a way to be there… ha ha! hugs to you!


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