Ode To The Rock

Each morning I’ve woken up in Cayucos, I have peaked out my bedroom window to see if I could see Morro Bay’s famous rock.  Here is today’s view:

Window Rock Watermark

Many go to Morro Bay to get a chance to “play” by Morro Rock.  You can enjoy surfing and beach activities on the ocean side of  Morro Rock or enjoy kayaking and paddle boarding on the bay side of Morro Rock.

Rock 2 watermark

Rock3 Watermark

rock web watermark

As you can see from the pictures, I tend to stay away from shopping areas while traveling.  Not because I don’t like shopping, gosh no, I would never say that, but because more and more, I am seeing chains and tourist shops which seem to be selling the same things over and over. Boring!   Now Embarcadero, which runs right along the Morro Bay’s recreational and fishing port is an interesting place to visit. (Great people watching)  Yes, it has tons of tourist type shops, but if you can get past those you will find the real gem, Suite 1.  Bill and Tracy greet you like you are old friends and treat you like gold.   I loved the variety of unique creative items you can buy there.  What will stand out the most is BIll’s photography.  He is  a truly gifted photographer, has a great eye and sense of humor as well.   Kind and helpful are two more adjectives to describe BIll.  He gave me so many tips and helped me with my ailing lens. I wish I lived here so I could learn more from him.  I can’t wait to attend his Business for Artists class in the Fall!  So, if you are in Morro Bay, go by Suite 1 and tell Tracy and Bill, “Hi!” from me.

Rock2 watermark

7 thoughts on “Ode To The Rock

  1. I love Morrow bay and being by the ocean down in the central coast, its so quiet and serene and the town is charming.

    Come and link with us next week for Travel Photo Mondays, hope you can join us, it runs all week 🙂


  2. In case I haven’t mentioned it, I LOVE this blog! I love the pics and enjoy reading your anecdotes, etc…. Thanks for brightening my boring life! LOL!


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