Harmony Is No Longer For Sale!

Last time I saw the small town of Harmony , CA (population 18), it was for sale.  I am not sure who bought it but now it is definitely a place for all to visit!   Harmony can easily be passed in a blink of an eye as you drive between Cambria and Cayucos on Highway 1.  Look for the signs and the word “pottery” and you won’t miss it.



Harmony is a great spot to enjoy a scone and a true machinano.  The real kind that is served in a tiny cute cup. ( I felt so European.)  Even the owner had old world charm with his accent (Italian, perhaps?) and his friendly demeanor. My friend Yvonne swears the scones are homemade and the best she has ever tasted. (She is my official taster and reviewer of all things with gluten while she is staying with me.) We ate and drank in their cute little garden area.  Next to the garden is a pottery store, small chapel and exterior decor that reminds you that this town is steeped with history.  Down the street (literally a few yards) is a glass blowing studio and store.  I REALLY wanted to buy a number of pieces in this store but since I won’t be paid until the end of September, I held off. Besides, some of the pieces I wanted would eat up an entire paycheck for me!  Expensive, yes, but we are talking high quality glass blowing here.  I have been to a lot of  glass stores this summer and I will say that hands down, this glass blower creates the most beautiful work I have ever seen.  His eye for color and detail are truly amazing. So, expensive, yes, but justly so.

IMG_3594                                                        IMG_3584                                             IMG_3593


So you may wonder where do the population of 18 live in Harmony, I did to.  So, I drove my little  car, ignoring the dirt road ahead sign, and took the only small road I could find.  There were a few   houses, but not many. At the end of this road was a dog kennel and I wondered if the town of Harmony counted the dogs in their population because I could not figure out how they came up with a population of 18 with so few houses.  Anyway, like “bears to honey,” I found another barn to photograph and this made my day. It was like finding a secret treasure hidden away.




3 thoughts on “Harmony Is No Longer For Sale!

  1. I noticed Harmony when we were down there and was curious about the town when we drove by. Thank you for filling us in on the details. Have to stop by there next time I’m down the coast.


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