“Sans Gluten, no, no, impossible,” said the Frenchman

“No? No Bread?” said the waiter as he rolled his eyes at me!  This was a funny first experience when ordering a hamburger without a bun the first night. I even showed the waiter my French celiac explanation of what celiacs can not eat but I think he still thought I was nuts. Luckily, the market down from the hotel sold gluten free bread.

Seriously, it has not been too hard to be gluten free in Paris. The only hard part is watching my sisters and mom eat croissants, baguettes, quiche, and pastries every day.  I am enjoying seeing them so happy and listening to them make joyful noises each time they try something new. 




It did not take this family long to find ice cream!  As you will see in the picture, it is difficult to only choose one flavor of ice cream for desert.  The chocolate ice cream was a favorite because it was a wonderful semi-sweet chocolate.



One day in Paris, we went to the restaurant, Angelina , to eat lunch and try their famous hot chocolate.  It is located right near The Museum de Orangerie and Tuileries Garden.  Everyone should come here! The lunch was wonderful and the hot chocolate was like drinking  luscious melted chocolate.  The fresh whipped cream served with it made it all that much better.  Yum!













Merci de votre visite

3 thoughts on ““Sans Gluten, no, no, impossible,” said the Frenchman

  1. Celia,
    I’m glad that you are enjoying your wonderful french vacation! I’m jealous cuz I’m here in Arizona roasting in 113 degree heat!


  2. Loving the updates, thoughts and photos.  Thank you so much for sharing!

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