Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris

Even the rain could not spoil the beauty of Notre Dame.  Notre Dame is a tourist hot spot but shouldn’t be missed on a trip to Paris! 












Fun Fact:


By the mid-19th century Notre Dame was in need of a major face lift, so to save it from ruin architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc was put at the helm of a massive renovation project that would last over two decades. While redesigning the church’s spire he secretly replaced one of its apostle statues with a slightly less biblical figure — himself! Talk about leaving your mark on the world.

To get a glimpse of this party crasher, turn your gaze up toward the green figures standing at the base of the central spire. All of them look out across Paris except one who’s turning in the opposite direction, hand to the forehead, there to admire his handiwork for centuries to come. Which apostle did architect Viollet-le-Duc choose to replace? Saint Thomas the carpenter, of course!




Merci de votre visite


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