Paris “must do” Tourist Explorations

Seems like forever since I was in Paris (1 week ago) so I wanted to share a few bits from our busy schedule. We used Uber everywhere and would have highly recommended it to all of you intending to go to Paris, but in light of the Taxi protests and burning of Uber cars, I will suggest taking the Metro and train instead. They are easy to use and get around on, not to mention cheap. Just hold on to your wallet.  I’ve got to hand it to the Uber drivers, however,  they know how to make you feel that you are riding in luxury. They pick you up in very nice cars and offer you water and magazines to read!

Fair warning – we did so much everyday that I will have to divide this post into a few posts!  There is so much to do in France that we had to narrow it down and pick and choose.  Since mom and I had been to France before, we picked a few of our favorites that we thought Dana and Cathy would enjoy most and should experience.  Mom and I are the art lovers of the group so we tried not to overwhelm my sisters with ALL of the great art exhibits to visit.  Last time mom and I were in Paris, we enjoyed seeing one art exhibit after another to our complete delight.  On this trip, each day was filled with a mix of activities that delighted us all.  For example, the day we went to Notre Dame we also went to Galleries of Lafayette.  We also enjoyed the Tulleries Garden and eating at Angelina the day we visited the L’Orangerie and the Louvre. The day we went to D’Orsay  we also visited a Paris flea market.

Historical Sites we visited:   Notre Dame  (Shown in previous post)   and     Versailles

Art Museums we visited:    Louvre   and  Musée de l’Orangerie    and   D’Orsay

 (Click on links to learn more about the places we visited)      Advice: Don’t forget to buy a Paris Museum pass!




Lots and lots of tourists!


Mirror reflection




Wouldn’t we all like to have a second home like this?



Beautiful architecture – they just don’t make it like they used to!


Gardens of Versailles


Yes, real life does imitate Art – or is it the other way around?


Trimmed trees – oh so nice!

Little known fact:  Food at restaurants in Versailles are more than just awful!  Just look at this! I still don’t know what type of meat this was and I swear I ordered ham!  Best thing to do is grab a fresh baguette, meats and cheeses in the morning and have a picnic on the beautiful lawn and watch the boats row by.

FullSizeRender (39)

Fun and Bizarre Fact: To escape the rigid court etiquette and formal ceremonies of Versailles, Marie Antoinette series of buildings built where she could pretend to be a shepherdess or a milkmaid. It was called Hameau. The farm buildings were constructed realistically with cracks in the walls to show age. Cows were washed and groomed before the Queen arrived. She would also take lambs for walks with silk ribbons as leashes.


Musee de L’Orangerie

Fun Fact: Monet was seen as a rebel at school. He would draw caricatures of his teachers and friends instead of doing his work.


Our lunch of choice before going to the Louvre!  This place is famous for their hot Cocoa! Yum! It was like drinking an incredible melted chocolate bar.

FullSizeRender (16)


I’ll let the pictures do the talking…pause…wipe drool off face before continuing.



And this is only a small section of the Louvre!


Yes, tourists love to do silly stuff!

Dana wouldn’t pose with a statue upon my request but wanted to do this.


Nice way to cover construction work!

Fun Fact: The museum is the size of 35 American football fields.


Before, during, after the Louvre –Tuileries Garden

Fun Fact: Tuileries, which is the French term for tile, had previously been occupied by many workshops that made tiles.


While people are taking pictures all over the place at the D’Orsay, I thought I would share  two pieces that were on loan that I had not seen in person before.   These were a real treat to see!



Le Pont des Arts, Paris  – Pierre-Auguste Renoir


 Portrait D’un paysan – Vincent Van Gogh



Fun Fact: This incredible place was once a train station!


Merci de votre visite


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