Life is one Big Adventure in more ways than I had planned…

So many have asked what else did we do in France and quite frankly I feel the best part of the trip still needs to be told. It is coming.

I love excuses don’t you? Well, here is mine.

As you can see by the tittle of this blog,  it is about Celia’s Big Adventures.  The title leads one to believe it is ALL about travels via car, train and plane.  But this is not so.  Celia’s Big Adventures is meant to be about my “journey” as I explore and observe life in the beautiful world we live in and all the wonderful challenges that are thrown my way.  Why write about it? I like to write. (See the “about me” link for disclaimer) I know I learn more about the world and myself when reading about other’s experiences and hope to provide the same, even in a small way.  I’m not perfect. (Especially at editing) I’m just a human trying to navigate my adventures in life the best I can in hopes that my experiences might make your life a little better, but if not, at least entertain you for a moment or two.

Upon returning from my trip to France, I began having some new” health experiences” in my life.  I like to call it this because it is so much nicer and more positive than saying what I really was thinking,  “?(*#$!(&!(%)!? I have to cut out more foods I like?”  The little foodie fat girl inside me often thinks that this is a cruel joke to play and to be honest I am not laughing inside about it even though I try to show a positive attitude to the world. I tell myself, ‘This is a challenge meant to be a learning experience so that I may perhaps help others.” (God’s plan for me has a greater purpose than I am privy to, perhaps?)

For those that do not know, I am a celiac.  Celiac the Celiac – There, I said it aloud for you so you don’t have to feel ashamed for thinking and having a good chuckle while reading this.

Yes, I’m the one who says, “Gluten free please, not because it is a fad, I’m the real deal!” to waiters and waitresses.  In fact, while in France, I showed each waitress/waiter a small explanation on my phone that in French told about my condition in hopes I would not have gluten contamination on my gluten-free food that I ordered.  (It helped-only one contamination experience the whole trip.)

So, with every new “challenge” that comes my way, I dive in with gusto and a bit of OCD.  (My OCD friends-I say this not in jest because I like this side of me and won’t change it because it has brought me much success even if it annoys some people. I’m sure you understand and it is why we get along so well.)

So what could stop me in my French blogging excitement?

Well, I should backup a month before and say that I knew something was not quite right before my trip but did not know why and attributed it to the stress and exhaustion of the end of another school year.  (I will spare you a gross tale of how this celiac suffers.) I knew I was not getting hidden gluten in food or my medication.  (Yes, unknown information to some GI doctors, prescriptions HAVE TO BE on’s gluten-free safe list or you have to call who makes the drug/supplement to ensure it is gluten free. I know this first hand for myself and my son’s reaction to them – scary and life threatening.)

Went to France, felt pretty good except for the one gluten contamination experience.  Came back and the pain began. Not my regular celiac reaction either.  None the less, any gut issues stop me in  my tracks and affects every part of my well being.  I felt like I had swallowed a baseball and it was stuck in my upper intestines. I hurt badly after I ate.

So, to shorten this story and get to the point as my son tells me to do, it was the rice.  Now, just in case you are not aware what that means to a celiac, let me put it this way, “RICE IS IN ALMOST EVERYTHING GLUTEN FREE!  We are not just talking the lovely brown rice I make and keep a supply of in the fridge to use during the week.

So with any challenge that I must learn from, I have been researching and experimenting with grain free recipes, tracking everything I eat, reading and reading some more about grain free diets, contacting friends who are on the Paleo diet, reading blog after blog after blog, etc… (By the way, I better not find out I can’t have my cheese next, just sayin.) My goal is to educate myself as much as I can before the school year begins so that I never have to feel deprived or sad as I watch my friends enjoy  “real” sourdough bread sandwiches and such.

All of this is taking time but I must end this post on a positive note: I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER! 


6 thoughts on “Life is one Big Adventure in more ways than I had planned…

  1. Great. Just freakin’ great! So sorry, love. Just what you needed – another challenge. Standing by to help you through since I get it all too well. Hope you at least had a good tantrum at some point. 😉


    1. Yes, another challenge. but the good news is that I am losing weight like most the skinny celiacs do so easily.
      Don’t let me get as thin as a model this year however, I like my curves! By the way, I need your cauliflower mash recipe, please!


  2. Celia, bummer that yet another food has been taken from you. I’m always impressed with your ability (yes I know the pain certainly helps motivate) to stay gluten free. As you know, I and many others care very much for you and your health. Thank you so much for sharing. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures including your time up at Donner.


    You are very good with the written word.


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