Old age is AWESOME this way…

As I grow older, I am less afraid of sharing my personal “adventures” and caring who judges me. It is such a freeing experience.

I feel it is important for everyone to share without fear of being judged but instead always keep in mind that our experiences will unite and create a long-lasting bond.   Some “adventures” are exciting and fun, some are exploratory in nature while other “adventures” may seem to much to handle or to minuscule to mention.  Needless to say, they are ALL important.  I  hope every person who shares their “adventures”  will help inspire, make life better in some way or be able to show compassion and understanding for those that are experiencing life’s challenges.

So, I am putting it out there, as if you already did not know by looking at me. I have food issues. Some issues are due to health challenges while another is frankly because I am a burger and fries gal.  (Never ordered anything else in restaurants, according to my family.)   I love food but it seems that food does not like me much anymore.  It is an adjustment after most of my life surrounded by amazing homemade cookies, cakes  and delightful savory dishes.  Let’s face it, nothing is better than the real deal meal or treat made with wheat flour, cream and sugar.

So, I have decided to officially announce that I am adding my food “adventure” to this blog.  I have found that talking with others that have struggled with similar experiences has been my greatest support and really helped me keep my sanity about it all. I would like to give back in hopes that if my “adventure” with food will help someone, like me, find peace and tasty meals to satisfy their bodies that are craving the “real deal” as I like to put it.

With this announcement I want to share a little tid bit I wrote after going to the gym one day. (Yes, I am a gym rat, even though you may not hear much about that on my blog)  This was written more as a lesson to people who judge heavy people without knowing their “journey” and how they struggle with food or medical issues.  I admit, it was written after I had just finished 50 laps in the pool and this woman in the locker room asked me if I enjoyed the water aerobic class that morning! Granted, I’m sure it is a lovely class, however, the picture of 15 grey haired grandmas in the kiddie pool waving their arms around compared to accomplishing 50 hard-earned laps really struck a nerve. Anyway, I figure there has got to be more than just me who wants to shout these words at the gym sometimes.


Judge Me Not


Cookies, cupcakes, pizza and slurpees

This is what you see when you look at me


Don’t judge, you don’t know me at all

I fight my addiction with all my strength and gall


Dietitians work with me

Every week we plan you see


A foodie I may be, one that knows flaxseed, spinach and yogurt are good for me

Not a day passes without my Omega 3’s and B’s


Couch potato, procrastinator, unmotivated and lazy

This is what you see when you look at me


Don’t judge me at all

I fight my addition with all my strength and gall


I love my gym and go almost every day

Swim, swim, swim, everybody out of my way


Pump that iron and ride that bike

Not forgetting to work that Pilate might


My body knows no drugs or alcohol

You do not see me stumble and fall


I am not as perfect as can be

The results of my addiction are obvious to see


I see you look up and down

I do not miss your disproving frown


Stare at me a little longer if you like

Maybe you will feel my plight


Next time please smile with glee

That smile will help support me


Counting Down


I’m sure this friendly locker room gym rat had no idea she struck a nerve and I have got to hand it to her, she inspired me to write and express myself. Thank you naive friendly gym rat.

4 thoughts on “Old age is AWESOME this way…

  1. You are my hero right now! I needed to read this and I need you to know I’m there for you all the way. I never had more success than when I did my “Fifty for Fitness” blog. Something about putting it out there makes a huge difference and people want to rally around those they love who have a song to sing. So sing it sistah, and know that I’ll be on the journey with you!


    1. Denice, I was always so inspired by your blog! I hope I can do the same for you! It IS a JOURNEY we all need to unite and travel together!


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