Summer Road Trip

One question I am asked the most is, “Are you going alone?”  The answer is a resounding. “YES!”

Not that I don’t like company, but traveling with me requires understanding and a creative mind. You would have to be the type of person who loves experiencing the journey and not just reaching the destination. I may be headed toward one destination and take a dirt road in another direction just to see if there is an inspirational gem. I slam on my brakes to turn around just to take a picture of something that suddenly strikes me. While most of my road trips start with a rough plan, things change according to inspiration and whim.  You see, my road trip is like a treasure hunt. I am constantly in search for the golden sunrise, diamond in the rough or silver lining across the horizon.

Another question I am asked is, “Don’t you get lonely?”   The fact is, I am never truly alone, so, no. The people I meet along the way often fascinate and inspire me. Everyone has a story to share.  This summer, I will also see friends and family along the way.

And so the trip begins…



First leg of the trip was a bit cloudy and rainy but this was ok because my first night on my journey was to spend time with my high school friend Merriell and her family.



Since this is a looooooong summer trip that will last until August, instead of laying out the whole plan for my trip in this post (the artist in me may make changes), I will be sharing my Western United States wanderings as I travel along my way.


10 thoughts on “Summer Road Trip

  1. So glad you’ve started posting. We’ve been looking forward to your photos and trip notes. Can’t wait to have you stay with us!!


  2. Way to go Celia. Have a fabulous adventure and keep us posted , especially on your new friends, creative problem solving, random acts of kindness, meditations and musings, and, of course, every category of “diamond” along the way. Love every moment… Jan


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