Grand Entrance

Where have I had my heart set on going first this summer?

Yes, I said, “first” because all that I have shared so far is my journey to my destination. See how much fun the journey can be? Why rush to a destination. You might miss something along the way.

So, where did I want to go?   Palouse, Washington!

Uh, never heard of it?  Photographers flock from all over the world to take photos of this  unique area.   It is my first time visiting and I have to admit, I fell in love with  just about everything!

My next few posts will show you a bit about why Palouse is so special.

My first stop in Washington, The Palouse Falls.

These Falls have been photographed and painted hundreds of times. So today, I will show you both photographs and digitally painted pictures of the Palouse Falls. Enjoy!








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