Red Palouse

The deep reds and pealing paint on old grey barn  wood draws us back in time to what people have called a “simpler life”. To me, the reds represent the warmth and love of family. The barn is a reminder of how the family works hard to take care of each other because of that love. This is what draws me to the red barns of Palouse.


Red Barns Palouse-2


Red Barns Palouse-3


Red Barns Palouse-4


Red Barns Palouse-5


Red Barns Palouse-6


Red Barns Palouse-7


Red Barns Palouse-8


Red Barns Palouse-10


Red Barns Palouse-11


Red Barns Palouse-12


Red Barns Palouse


Red Barns Palouse


6 thoughts on “Red Palouse

    1. Isn’t that kitty cute? He was just sitting there while I was enjoying a tour of the barn and lovely gardens by the homeowners one day.


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