Off to Moab!

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The drive from Salt Lake City to Moab was filled with big rain drops and bright sunshine. The ADD me was thrilled with all the weather changes as I drove!


At first it looked a little daunting.


Then I wondered what would be on the other side.


Add it was beautiful!

My destination this time? Arches National Park! 

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Open 24 hours a day!  First timers may find it interesting to know that if you get to the opening gate before the rangers, you can drive right in for free!  Seriously though, everyone should buy an annual pass to support our national parks to enjoy all year long. I received an annual pass from my student’s families at the end of the school year.  BEST TEACHER GIFT EVER!

Funny thing about landscape photographers with tripods.  We are usually big time introverts that don’t talk much other than the approving glance to one another.   I’ve read that many photographers hate having a chatty person ask them endless questions as they are trying to concentrate on what is before them visually and how to capture it in a photo. I try to be very respectful of this. 

But when the light melts away some of those introvert ways disappear. Benefits to staying late at a national park is you can make new friends (I’m talking photographers here.) and get to try something new. I stayed to take pics of the sunset but alas the colors just were not there that night.  Fortunately for me, a few lovely photographers lingered longer.  One gal stayed to take pics as her husband  “painted” the arches and the huge  rocks with his flashlight for us as we took pictures.  (“Painted” means he waved his flashlight in the direction we asked for about 30 seconds. What a patient guy!) 

I’ve never taken pics at night so these are novice pics, however, I appreciate how much I learned this night from my wonderful fellow photographers.









Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 5.28.53 PM

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