Rodeo in the Sky

…with my cousins.  Steamboat Springs Rodeo was just the adventure we needed! We traveled from Parker, Colorado to Steamboat Springs for the weekend.  We lucked out when our reservation hosts made numerous mistakes and decided to give us a beautiful condo to make up for it!  I would rate it five stars (10 if the rating went that high) and we were so sold on the place we plan to return.


What are Dave and Kim watching?


Why it is Smokey, of course!


This was my first Balloon Rodeo and boy was I impressed. I mean, to explain it best, I was mesmerized the entire time. There is nothing like seeing these enormous balloons in the air. I would equate it to how I felt seeing the Grand Canyon or Bryce Canyon.  You have to see it in person to truly experience it.  I must have taken over  2 hundred pictures and my cousins must have thought they lost me forever when I disappeared behind the bushes to get to the other side of the small lake.

It was a special treat to see 2 very unique balloons.


I especially fell in love with the hand-painted “Western Spirit” balloon.


It was fun to look at the balloons from every possible angle.


Balloon pilots took part in 3 rodeo events, including the “splash and dash,” where they tried to dip the balloon basket into the lake water, attempted to grab a helium balloon that was in the middle of the lake for a prize and pilots threw bean bags at a marked red X that was near the shore of the small lake. I was right next to the big red X for the bean bag drop when one of the balloonist dropped a bag of chips instead! I guess he forgot his bean bag but still wanted to play the game.



One man decided he did not need a basket to fly his balloon.



Near and far…a sight to see.

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Does this look familiar? It is a kaleidoscope.  This was a childhood favorite toy which would make patterns and colors move and change right before my eyes.


The ever changing colors and symmetry captured my attention back then and once again as I watched the hot air balloons reflections upon the lake.

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Our night ended like no other, with balloons glowing like lanterns against the dark sky.





My favorite thing to do is to go where I have never been.


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