Impressions of Yellowstone National Park

Impressionist art has always fascinated me. I don’t know how to really explain this except to say that I love light and color’s relationship with each other and how they make us feel. The two can make us feel light and airy as well as dark and depressed.

I remember painting for hours upon hours while at college. I would focus on where light highlighted my subjects and I loved creating new colors with my oil paints. I shared this love of painting with my grandmother. I cherish the memories of discussing how to mix specific colors to create new colors. Now, I have her hand written color combination notes to remind me of these special moments of a shared love of color and discovery as we created our art.

Today, I am still drawn to light and color as I look through the lens of my camera.  I love feeling lost in thought as I concentrate on what I see before me. Silently I take in the light, color, patterns, lines, shapes and textures.  I enjoy the challenge of  analyzing how I can create a sense of space, balance and rhythmic movement.

Lately, I find myself uniting both my love of  light, color and photography to create natural abstracts. I envision these as large wall pieces on metal prints. Someday I want to see these come to life.  I don’t know who or if anyone will see them as beautiful. I just hope that perhaps by looking closely at nature magnified, you will feel a calm peacefulness surround you.

This series focuses on reflections, the reflections of Yellowstone’s natural hot springs. Some visitors to Yellowstone only see large pools of water but I like to look for the small details that are often missed. Can you see a picture? Do you see and feel any rhythmic patterns?   Enlarge the pictures. What is being reflected?  Nature brings us little surprises when we look closely.






























4 thoughts on “Impressions of Yellowstone National Park

  1. I know you love teaching, but my friend, you are beyond talented with your eye, your insights and your heart with these photographs. I want to buy note cards!!!!!!! Seriously!!


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