A Woman Finding Strength

Next on the road trip? Butte, Montana!  Butte was supposed to be a 1 night lay over as I continued along my adventure. A warm shower after a week of camping in Yellowstone National Park. Ahhhhhh


What many do not know is that I began my trip knowing that I needed time for thoughtful reflection. Reflection of the past and time to take in my present. A time to be alone and ponder. Why did life not go as planned? How do I accept the unknown future and feel peace with this?

Sometimes on a journey we stumble upon the unexpected.

How we let this affect us is up to us.

Is what we experience planned for us? I wonder.  I do tend to search for understanding in the unexpected. I first ask myself, “Why?”  But, when I can not find the answer, I think about how the experience can have a positive influence on my life. This allows me to accept what I cannot explain. Sometimes, some experiences are harder to accept than others.

I entered the city of Butte.

As I gazed at the mountains that seem to be stretching toward heaven.

I saw her.


Majestic and strong, she was reaching for the heavens, too.

Feeling small and weak, she drew me toward her and I needed to know her story.

She stood tall in the clouds as if protecting her children from harm.

Motherly love with undying sacrifice.


A mother’s devotion to their child never goes away.

But what do you do when there is no child present to sacrifice for?


I felt lost.

But, I did not need her to comfort me, or so I thought.

Instead,  I desperately yearned for her strength and her ability to trust,

that whatever comes her way has a purpose.

An experience that I could welcome with arms wide open,

accepting the experiences I did not plan.


Sometimes on a journey we stumble upon the unexpected.

How we let this affect us is up to us.

Meeting her did bring me a sense of comfort I did not know I needed.

The unexpected did occur.

On days that are difficult, I remind myself  that I have strength and purpose

by wearing a symbol of her along with other women that have inspired me.  

This necklace is my reminder that I am strong and have purpose.


Becoming a strong woman takes much work.

But I am ready to continue my journey now.


Today, I am confident that I can be strong and trust my journey once again.

I do not need to know what is to come right now.

I have no plan.

It is time to embrace what is new, different and unexpected.




Click on picture above for more information.




Do not plan your journey, just let it unfold before you with open arms.



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