Ode to The Rustic Wood

Who knows when my love of wood started. Yes, I said, “wood.”  I did love climbing oak trees as a child.  I taught myself how to refinish furniture as I grew older.  Still to this day, I marvel when the beauty of the veins within the wood seem to pop as I apply stain. Making something discarded or forgotten once again loved and appreciated by another has always brought me great joy.

I had a friend who tried to analyze my fascination with old wood buildings once. Let’s just say she went on about me being represented by the old building and how I felt abandoned and alone because it was located in a sparse field…yadda, yadda, yadda…

Well, that was so far off from what I was thinking.  To me, an old building represents a life/lives that should be remembered and not forgotten. It has been fun to imagine who might have lived there and the day-to-day activities that might have taken place.  I have a much more positive outlook on life than my friend. Can you tell?

But it is all about perspective isn’t it? Some of us see only in black and white while others seem to be looking through rainbow glasses.  Neither is wrong or different but for some reason we find comfort with one or the other.

Today’s pictures not only show my love of old wood and the Element of Line but I like to think that they celebrate our individual perspectives as well.

1 Palouse structure with more than 1 way to look at it.


If someone has a different perspective than you, learn why.

As humans, our depth of understanding of others can only bring us closer.

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