About Me



Who am I?  I am still discovering the answer to this question every single day.  

Presently I am:

– mother, daughter, sister and auntie to the most loving and amazingly close family

My job:

– a very devoted elementary school teacher whose goal is help all children realize they are smart, talented and everyone has potential to succeed


My writing disclaimer:

Once upon a time…

A shy little girl who found it difficult to quickly speak her thoughts aloud discovered she loved to write. It was while writing she could express her thoughts and desires without fear of being interrupted or questioned.  But the most fearful thing of all was feeling like she could not respond quickly enough to others. 

No one knew she loved to write as much as she did, especially her teachers.  Her brain often experienced a flood of words she wanted to write but was not able to write as fast as her thoughts danced through her head. Yet, write she did, slowly and purposefully for every piece of writing she was assigned to do. She found herself spending hours agonizing over using the correct words to get her meaning across correctly. Often having to reread what was written again and again  in order to try to remember fleeting thoughts she wanted to write down just minutes before. Her focus was on communicating the thoughts she so longed to say loudly (and in detail) about all she was learning and found interesting.

Sadly, the communication was not heard, or so she thought, because the teachers never responded to what she had to say.   The response to her writing was always about her editing mistakes that were boldly pointed out to her in glaring red pen. (a lot of red pen)

“I’m a miserable writer and no one is interested in what I have to say, only what I do wrong,” she thought.  She slowly gave up writing unless she had an assignment. Her diary that had once been a place of comfort to express herself now was shoved in a closet out of sight.

I was this child  –  a child with undiagnosed ADHD and a learning disability.  I needed to be heard, badly.  I needed to know what I had to say was important. I hope to never make a child feel this way, ever. 

So my writing disclaimer is really just to give you a heads-up that you will see editing opportunities I might have missed or left on purpose because I am a bit of a rebel that way. (Yes, you have my permission to visualize me putting my thumb to my nose and I smiling with a devilish grin.)

So, I ask that you seek the meaning of the message

for this alone is what is most important. 


In case you are wondering: I have rediscovered my love of writing.   My thoughts still race quickly, but lucky for me I can type as fast as I am thinking now. Sometimes annoyingly saying too much and leading to more “mistakes” but I figure that will keep my editing friends happy as they discover errors but miss the point of the message.