Seattle Down Under

  Onward summer road trip! Do not miss the beautiful drive from Leavenworth to Seattle! I love discovering the history of places I visit. But this time, I had to go underground to learn more about this great city. Many tourists proudly show the freshly aligned fruit and fish photos they have taken at Pikes … More Seattle Down Under

Palouse Revisited

Nothing is better than visiting a place and yearning to return some day. You made amazing memories and want to relive the experience once again, right? Well, why not return during the same trip? So, I did just that. I headed from Kalispell to Spokane, Washington in hopes of visiting the Palouse region once again. … More Palouse Revisited

Friendly Montana

From Butte to Kalispell, Montana to see friends and the sites! Funny how a two month road trip is taking over a year to blog about isn’t it? Kinda like being on one loooooong summer vacation for a year.  But then again, who would complain about that prospect? Montana, full of fun times with friends. … More Friendly Montana