Guten Tag!

Would you like to experience your German roots without leaving the United States?   Then, Leavenworth, WA is the place for you!   Last year’s road trip needs to end soon so I am leaving Palouse behind (only to return via artwork) and I am excited to share the beautiful murals of Leavenworth.  This town … More Guten Tag!

Palouse Revisited

Nothing is better than visiting a place and yearning to return some day. You made amazing memories and want to relive the experience once again, right? Well, why not return during the same trip? So, I did just that. I headed from Kalispell to Spokane, Washington in hopes of visiting the Palouse region once again. … More Palouse Revisited

Palouse Take 1

How do you get to Palouse? Follow 26!   You will be welcomed with a sign that looks like this:     You will know you are in the right place if you see a lot of this: Wheat   And this: Hay   And many of these: Old and New Farm Equipment   And … More Palouse Take 1

A Beautiful Drive

Some may find that the long drive from Redmond, Oregon to Kennewick, Washington long and boring. Not so with this road trip gal! I felt as if history was flashing before me as I drove each mile.  Along with the roadsides of dusty rose-colored flowers and distant mountains are old homes and buildings of long ago. … More A Beautiful Drive