Palouse Revisited

Nothing is better than visiting a place and yearning to return some day. You made amazing memories and want to relive the experience once again, right? Well, why not return during the same trip? So, I did just that. I headed from Kalispell to Spokane, Washington in hopes of visiting the Palouse region once again. … More Palouse Revisited

Red Palouse

The deep reds and pealing paint on old grey barn  wood draws us back in time to what people have called a “simpler life”. To me, the reds represent the warmth and love of family. The barn is a reminder of how the family works hard to take care of each other because of that love. This is what draws … More Red Palouse

Palouse Take 1

How do you get to Palouse? Follow 26!   You will be welcomed with a sign that looks like this:     You will know you are in the right place if you see a lot of this: Wheat   And this: Hay   And many of these: Old and New Farm Equipment   And … More Palouse Take 1