Friendly Montana

From Butte to Kalispell, Montana to see friends and the sites! Funny how a two month road trip is taking over a year to blog about isn’t it? Kinda like being on one loooooong summer vacation for a year.  But then again, who would complain about that prospect? Montana, full of fun times with friends. … More Friendly Montana

Off to Moab!

The drive from Salt Lake City to Moab was filled with big rain drops and bright sunshine. The ADD me was thrilled with all the weather changes as I drove! At first it looked a little daunting. Then I wondered what would be on the other side. Add it was beautiful! My destination this time? … More Off to Moab!

Reaching New Heights

Going up, up, up!     After stopping for the night, I had the pleasure of paying a short visit to Smith Rock State Park. Note that I am providing more links to places I visit this summer if you would like to learn more about the locations. Smith Rock Park has wonderful hiking trails! Getting … More Reaching New Heights

Summer Road Trip

One question I am asked the most is, “Are you going alone?”  The answer is a resounding. “YES!” Not that I don’t like company, but traveling with me requires understanding and a creative mind. You would have to be the type of person who loves experiencing the journey and not just reaching the destination. I may … More Summer Road Trip