Seattle Down Under

  Onward summer road trip! Do not miss the beautiful drive from Leavenworth to Seattle! I love discovering the history of places I visit. But this time, I had to go underground to learn more about this great city. Many tourists proudly show the freshly aligned fruit and fish photos they have taken at Pikes … More Seattle Down Under

Guten Tag!

Would you like to experience your German roots without leaving the United States?   Then, Leavenworth, WA is the place for you!   Last year’s road trip needs to end soon so I am leaving Palouse behind (only to return via artwork) and I am excited to share the beautiful murals of Leavenworth.  This town … More Guten Tag!

Palouse Revisited

Nothing is better than visiting a place and yearning to return some day. You made amazing memories and want to relive the experience once again, right? Well, why not return during the same trip? So, I did just that. I headed from Kalispell to Spokane, Washington in hopes of visiting the Palouse region once again. … More Palouse Revisited

Friendly Montana

From Butte to Kalispell, Montana to see friends and the sites! Funny how a two month road trip is taking over a year to blog about isn’t it? Kinda like being on one loooooong summer vacation for a year.  But then again, who would complain about that prospect? Montana, full of fun times with friends. … More Friendly Montana